CleanMem 2.5

CleanMem is a simple tool designed to improve your PC's memory performance
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CleanMem is a software tool that helps the user to overcome loosening up of unused memory on applications. Since it installs unobtrusively and is automated at zero memory loss, it frees up memory from the applications effectively.
To configure it, you need to install the program and set it to run after desired intervals of time via Windows Task Scheduler. Users can change this desired time intervals, as they like by changing in the Task Scheduler in Windows.
This program doesn’t require any user input in order to run and clean up the memory out of all processes. It differs from other memory cleaners as it uses a Windows-API call available in Windows, instructing it to cleanup the workspace of a process, no longer requiring freeing up any memory.
Whenever a program needs the memory again it can simply take it back instead of forcing the memory out of RAM and into the Page File.
CleanMem can be run manually by simply making a shortcut to it in the System32dir, or just opening the run command, tapping in CleanMem and hitting ok, and frankly it works reasonably well.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Saves the system from lag big time


  • Does not work with few anti virus applications that protect the processes during execution
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